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To rid your home of coronavirus, you need to know exactly what to do and how to do it – and you need the proper tools and materials to properly conduct biological surface treatment.


To help you succeed in your battle against coronavirus, HouseCheck Environmental Services has assembled a comprehensive Anti-Viral Surface Cleaning Kit that contains everything you need to protect your family to the maximum extent possible – all arranged in a handy bucket.  


In addition to solutions and supplies, our Anti-Viral Surface Cleaning Kit includes a booklet with complete instructions on what to do and how to do it.  This instructional booklet has been prepared in conjunction with our team of renowned environmental scientists – the same professionals who developed the leading protocol for remediating coronavirus in large buildings such as hotels, convention centers, and stadiums.


If you’re serious about cleaning your house to make it as safe as it can be for your family, this handy kit will help you reach your goal quickly and confidently!  Complete the form below to order your Anti-Viral Surface Cleaning Kit right away!  

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Your home cleaning kit includes:

Commercial Grade Cleaner & Disinfectant - 1 32oz bottle of commercial cleaner and disinfectant. It's the same product we use at HouseCheck to properly disinfect commercial spaces. Very effective.

Nitrile Rubber Gloves - 1 full box of nitrile gloves. Rubber gloves are a requirement when cleaning any surface with coronavirus. Included is a full box of gloves which are resistant to a range of chemicals and substances. Perfect for the job. 

Surgical Grade Facemasks - Masks are an important piece of equipment when properly cleaning surfaces that may be infected with coronavirus. Not only to protect from infection but also any splash or chemical vapors. Two surgical grade masks included. 

Quality Safety Glasses - The cleaning process requires the use of liquid disinfectants, which can splash or possibly irritate the eyes. We recommend safety first, which is why we've included a pair in your kit.

Commercial Hand Sanitizer - After you've completed your cleaning it's important to keep you and your family's hands clean and sanitary. Included is an 8oz bottle of commercial grade hand sanitizer. 

High Quality Spray Bottle - Once you've have your disinfectant mix prepared and are ready to clean, you need to properly apply it. An adjustable, quality spray bottle in included in your kit. 

Anti-Viral Surface Cleaning Kit  

Microfiber Towels - High quality microfiber towels are more absorbent than cotton or paper towels and are perfectly designed for disinfecting your surfaces. Your kit includes two of them. 

HouseCheck Environmental Home Cleaning Protocol  - These are the full instructions you'll need to properly clean your home and make you and your family as safe as possible from coronavirus and COVID-19.

HouseCheck Apron & Pail - To aid in your cleaning, we've included a full-front cloth apron to keep yourself tidy while you disinfect your home as well as a resealable pail to keep all of your supplies in. Stores easily until needed for additional cleaning.

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Will this cleaning kit rid my home of coronavirus?

Your HouseCheck Anti-Viral Cleaning Kit contains all the materials and instructions you need to properly clean and disinfect the surfaces in your home. The disinfectant included is registered on the EPA's “N List” for viral efficacy. Using the materials in this kit and following the included protocol, you will have the ability to perform cleaning and disinfection at the same level we offer our commercial clients.

How many square feet will this cleaning kit cover?

Your cleaning kit has all the materials you’ll need to clean the high-touch surfaces in a home of up 10,000 square feet. In the average home, you will be able to use the kit for multiple cleanings and disinfections.

Why is this kit different from other cleaning kits I've seen online?

Most commercially-available “cleaning kits” for homeowners are focused on simple household spills. The HouseCheck Anti-Viral Cleaning Kit was developed specifically for cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces in your home in regard to Coronavirus and COVID-19. When used in conjunction with the included HouseCheck Cleaning Protocol, you will have the most current tools and information available to make your home as safe as possible.

What is the HouseCheck Cleaning Protocol all about?

There is an important difference between cleaning and disinfecting a surface in your home. Proper disinfection requires a specific sequence of events in order for the procedure to be effective. The HouseCheck Environmental Services Home Protocol was developed by a consortium of the leading luminaries in today’s restoration and decontamination industry, to give you the best available resource and guide for properly disinfecting your home.

Are the items in my kit reusable?

Yes, almost all of the items in your kit are reusable. We've included 32 ounces of disinfectant, which will cover a large home of up to 10,000 square feet, or clean a smaller home multiple times. Also, we've included larger quantities of disposable items, such as nitrile gloves, so your kit can be used for multiple cleanings and disinfections.

HouseCheck Environmental Cares About You!

We’re committed to helping you and your family create a safe living environment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This home cleaning protocol and kit by HouseCheck Environmental Services is another tool for you to use to keep you, your family, and your home as safe and healthy as possible. We're right there with you! 


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plus $14.95  shipping & handling


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